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Garden water saving tips

Monday, October 19, 2015
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Gardens provide us with many benefits, they make us feel relaxed, we socialise in them, we get our vitamin D outdoors, they provide nice fresh oxygen, and they can also help us reduce heating and cooling costs to the home and surrounding buildings. However it does take water to keep those gardens alive and looking and working great. Here we have collated some of our best water saving tips you can use in your garden to get the most out of every drop and enjoy your garden space. 

Plant right 

The type of plants you put in your garden will determine how much water you need to pour on them. Buy plants that are resilient to dryness, that use minimal water, and are smaller. Larger plants use more water, and smaller plants that are native to Australia or acclimatised to dry weather will be best for water savings. And don’t forget that what you plant your plants in also matters. Use mulch to keep moisture in, and consider pebbles or porous coverings for your path areas to let water through to the soil underneath. Your pots should also be made of cooler materials such as ceramic to prevent water evaporation. 

Water smart 

When it comes to the watering part, there are few things you can do to keep those gardens green without draining your bank balance and our dams in the process. 
  • Consider collecting rainwater as simply as with a bucket under your drainpipe 
  • Don’t water your garden on rainy days, and 
  • Water your garden in the morning and evening to avoid midday evaporation 


Make sure you always maintain your garden. Snipping off dead plants, weeding, and topping up mulch will all go a long way to ensuring every drop goes to the right parts of your garden and not to waste. And of course if you need any specific advice or are looking at creating a water-efficient and eco-friendly garden, contact Enchanted Landscapes & Design today for a chat.