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Winter gardening survival guide

Monday, October 19, 2015
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The colder weather seems to make us all regress back into our homes and forget about what is happening outside in our gardens. Which means that when it comes to spring our gardens can look at little bit worse for wear, lacking in TLC. But don’t fear – Enchanted Landscapes & Design have put together our best winter survival guide, so that your garden doesn’t suffer over the colder months and you can enjoy your spring time with minimal maintenance hassle. 

It’s all in the preparation 

Before winter starts, get your garden ready for it. The main things to prepare will be insulating your plants with good quality mulch around the base to keep them warm and pruning back your plants so they don’t need to work so hard whilst trying to survive the winter weather. This way you will be less likely to find dead shrubs and trees when you venture out after the cold weather has passed. 

Take the opportunity 

Winter is a great chance to take the opportunity to get ready for spring! Even if it is a little cold, it’s not raining all the time, so get out there with a spade and dig a new plant bed, or remove your unwanted plants in preparation for spring renewal. 

Winter plants 

If you live in an area that gets very cold or rainy, consider planting some winter flowers to brighten up your garden. Plants that love winter include lavender, roses, or daisies and they will make beautiful additions to your garden and are sure to bring a smile to your face when you look out of the window at a gloomy day. 

Maintain the garden

As much as you may want to avoid it, it’s necessary to do a little maintenance during winter. Ensure you feed your plants so as when the rain comes the nutrients can drip through. Also consider mulching and compost to help with growth and improve your soil. And of course if you need winter garden help or are looking for a bright change in spring, contact us at Enchanted Landscapes & Design today and we’d be more than happy to help.